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Using the Library


You will need your University ID card and PIN number to be able to borrow items from the Library. For Short Course students and External members  we will make you a Library card when you join which you can use instead of a University ID card. 

When you first start we will send you a link to create al PIN number so that your account is secure. If you have forgotten your PIN please follow the instructions on this page.

We have two self issue machines on the ground floor which allow you to borrow and return books, CDs, blu-rays and DVDs. 

Laptops can be borrowed from the Lapsafe opposite the main entrance. (Available to Prep-HE, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students). 

How much can I borrow?

Prep-HE and Undergraduate students 12 items plus a laptop, maximum of 4 DVDs/ Blu-ray 
Postgraduate students 25 items including a laptop, maximum of 4 DVDs/ Blu-ray 
Short course student 4 standard loan books
External member 3 standard loan books

How long can I borrow it for?

Standard loan  3 weeks
1 week loan (blue stripe) 1 week
DVD / Blu-ray / CD 1 week
Laptop 4 hours
Reference (yellow stripe) Library use only

High demand items

Occasionally we may need to ask you to return an item that is in high demand so that we can change the loan period. This will allow more students to access a popular item within the timeframe required by their course. 

If you have an item on loan that is in high demand, the Library will e-mail and text you to ask you to return the item within 3 days; if the item isn't returned in this time, you will be fined £1 a day. 

It is important that you check your AUB e-mail account / text messages on a regular basis and that you update eVision if your details change. 


If an item you want to borrow is out on loan, you can place a hold (reserve it) using the Library catalogue. Check the catalogue record for the item to see when it is due for return and if other people have reserved it already. This will give you an idea of when you will be able to borrow it. You may also want to check if we have a digital copy available: e-book or streamed video. You can check on the Library catalogue but select search plus rather than library search from the drop down menu. For films search Box of Broadcasts or Kanopy.  

We will e-mail you when it is ready for collection, you can also login to your account on the Library catalogue to see whether it is available yet. 

If you have any overdue items or fines you won't be able to reserve an item or collect it until the overdue items have been returned and fines paid. 

Items need to be collected within 7 days.  After that time they will be reshelved or offered to the next person who has placed a hold. 

Holds are not available for short course students or external members. 

I need it for longer, can I renew it?

You can renew most items, however if another user has placed a hold on the item or you have overdue items or fines then you won't be able to renew. We have a maximum numbers of renewals to ensure other users can access an item. 

Standard loan  3 renewals Maximum loan 12 weeks
1 week loan (blue stripe) 1 renewal Maximum loan 2 weeks
DVD/ Blu-ray/ CD 1 renewal Maximum loan 2 weeks
Laptop 4 hours No renewals, but you can borrow another Laptop if one is available. 
Reference (yellow stripe) Library use only
Short course students and External members 1 renewal Maximum loan 6 weeks

Late returns

We ask you to remember when your item is due for return and we help you to do this in a number of ways: 

  • You receive a receipt when you borrow items using the self issue machine. This can be printed or e-mailed to you. You are welcome to write this date on the date label inside books or take a photo if this is easier. On the Lapsafe take a photograph of the screen when you borrow the laptop/ or note it down. 
  • Log in to your record on the Library catalogue (top right) and check when your items are due for return or renew from here. You can download an ical file to sync with your calendar if you have an Apple device. 
  • Check with us via the staff at the counter, e-mail or phone on 01202 363256. 
  • We send you an e-mail reminder to your AUB e-mail account 3 days before an item is due and on the day it is due for return. The Library takes no responsibility for the non-receipt of e-mails or letters regarding overdue items: it is your responsibility to return items on time. 

If items are returned late we will send you a number of reminder e-mails, text messages and letters. You will not be able to borrow new items from the Library if you have overdue items. This is to avoid you getting additional fines and because Library items will be needed by other users. 

7 days  e-mail 
14 days  e-mail 
28 days  Text
35 days  A letter sent to your address (term or home depending on the time of year)
42 days

A bill is sent to you for replacement of unreturned items and the fines. If you return the items within a week you will

not need to  pay for the replacement of the items. 


The Library charges fines for the late return of items. Fines are incurred for overdue items on all days the Library is open. Fines need to be paid before any items can be borrowed or renewed. If you have a problem with an overdue item please contact the Library at the counter, by e-mail or phone 01202 363256

If you have mitigating circumstances we will ask your tutor to confirm the dates affected, we do not need to know why you have mitigating circumstances. 

Standard loans 30p per day
One week loans 50p per day
DVD/ Blu-ray and CD 50p per day
Laptops £5 per hour, maximum fine £20

Lost or damaged items

Please take care of the items you borrow from the Library. 

If you damage Library items then you may be asked to pay for a replacement. Library staff will assess the level of damage and decide whether the item needs to be replaced. 

If you loose an item please let us know. We give you 2 weeks to have a good look for it and if it is not found in that time we will then ask you to pay for a replacement copy. The replacement value is calculated when an item is reported missing. Replacement costs may be more than the original price paid by the Library, particularly in the case of rare or valuable items.