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Using the Library

LapSafe Laptops

Loan Period: LapSafe laptops have a 24 Hour Loan Period 

Laptop Login:   Password: Computer password   WiFi: EduRoam

Working off Campus: Please remember to log into the Laptop before taking it off campus. If not you will be unable to login when you leave campus.

Installed Software Applications:

  • MS Office (Word; Excel; PowerPoint)
  • Adobe 2017 CC PhotoShop; Illustrator; InDesign; Lightroom; Premiere Pro; After Effects; Dreamweaver; Animate; Audition; Prelude and Muse
  • Mac OS Applications - Pages; Keynote; Numbers
  • Claro & Inspiration
  • Web Browsers - Safari, Chrome & Firefox
  • VLC Media Player

Printing: Release Print. This is the default when a user goes to print

File Access: Use MyAUB on OneDrive (1.0TB storage) or USB Drive

Saving your work: Always save a copy of your work on OneDrive or USB Drive or email a copy to yourself. Any documents saved on the Laptops will be not be maintained when you shutdown laptop. We cannot recover work which has been saved onto the laptop after it has been shut down. Please backup or save your work to another device.

  1. Tap the Borrow button on the Touch Screen
  2. Place your Student Card on the card reader beneath the Touch Screen
  3. Enter your Library PIN. if you need to reset your PIN please click here
  4. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. The Screen will show you which locker your laptop will be presented from (e.g.AAl2)
  6. Place your Student Card by the card reader on the appropriate bay holding the laptop
  7. The Locker Door will 'click', `light up' and 'unlock'
  8. Open the Door and disconnect the laptop charger cable 
  9. Remove laptop from Locker
  10. Close the Locker Door
  11. Tap Finish on the Touch Screen and take receipt showing the return date.
  12. Cleaning wipes are available on the table in the Lapsafe area if you wish to use them. 

Please note: If you plan to work off campus make sure to log into the Laptop before leaving the campus. 

  1. Shut down the laptop
  2. Clean the Laptop using the wipes provided on the table near the Lapsafe.  
  3. Tap the Return button on the Touch Screen
  4. Place your Student Card on the card reader beneath the Touch Screen
  5. Enter your Library PIN
  6. The screen will show which Locker your laptop will need to be returned to and the Locker Door will unlock (e.g. AB01)
  7. You must reconnect the laptop charger cable in the Locker (when this is correctly connected the red light will show)
  8. Close the Locker door, making sure it has locked
  9. Tap Finish on the Touch Screen
Please note: You may be fined if the Laptop is not connected to the laptop charger or the Locker door is not shut properly

Lapsafe Ts and Cs
Laptops laptop must be returned to the Library within the one day maximum loan period. If borrowing on a Saturday this is extended to Monday. Laptops can only be returned during Library opening hours. 
The fine for late returns is £20 at which point your Library account will be automatically blocked.
Replacement cost for the laptop is £1,700 (inc vat)

Acceptable Use Policy
I accept full responsibility for the safekeeping and safe return of the laptop.
I will not leave the laptop unattended or unsecure.
The laptop must be returned in person to the locker within the Library.
I understand that I may be deemed liable for the full cost of repairing or replacing the laptop if the University determines that the damage was due to negligence on my behalf.

Please ignore the countdown clock displayed on the Library MacBooks. This relates to the Library's closing time and is not a countdown to when you need to return the device to the LapSafe.