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Using the Library

Library rules

Please treat the Library staff, resources and your fellow Library users with respect. 


  • Please respect other Library users and keep noise to a reasonable level. This is not a silent Library but we will ask you to be quieter if you are making too much noise. 
  • The silent reading room is for those who wish to work in silence. We ask you to respect this: switch your mobile onto silent, leave the room if you wish to have a conversation. Please don't listen to audio / music on headphones in this space as users find this disruptive. 

Food and drink

  • You can bring drinks with lids into the Library and there is a water dispenser on the ground floor of the Library by the Digital Services Servicedesk. 
  • Do not bring food into the Library. We have found that people leave rubbish or food on the tables and this makes it unpleasant for the next person who wishes to use the space. Take a break to have some food or a drink in the Refectory or Arts bar, they are happy for you to bring your own food or drink. 


  • We ask that you respect other Library users; if you behave unreasonably we may ask you to leave or ask for support from our Security team.

Using Library resources

  • Do not lend your Library card or share your PIN with other people, you will be liable for any fines or replacement costs if the item is overdue, lost or damaged whilst on loan under your name. We can put items to one side for up to 2 days if a user has forgotten their University ID card. 
  • If you remove any item from the Library that is not issued to you, or if you damage Library property you will face disciplinary procedures depending on the seriousness of the incident. 
  • If you do not return items that have been issued to you on time you will be charged fines. 
  • Your PIN is unique to you and should not be shared with others. It is designed to keep your account secure if your card is lost or stolen. 

Practical work in the Library

The Library is primarily a study and work space and so we need to balance the needs of all of our users. 

  • You are welcome to do practical work in the Library within reason, for example:
    • We ask you not to use liquids (e.g. paint, water, bottled ink) or chemicals, such as spray mount, in the Library.
    • If it is busy please don't use a large table to cut out a pattern or spread out your books. 
    • Please use the cutting mats provided (in the printing area by the printers). 
    • Clear up after yourself so that the next person can use the space. 
  • If you wish to photograph, film, survey people, stage a performance etc you need to ask in advance. Kindly fill out the provided online form to formally request permission. We ask you to do this a minimum of 3 working days beforehand.We will review the information and sometimes ask you some additional questions before deciding if it is appropriate.

Legal / Licences

  • You must abide by any legislative or licence instructions laid down in relation to print, digital or audio visual information. This includes not sharing your login details with any other person or organisation. 
  • Copyright law restricts what you can copy. Notices are displayed by the multi-functional devices (printers/ photocopiers). ‚Äč