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Collections: Artists' Books

Artists' Books in AUB Library

The Library currently has over 450 artists' books, mainly collected through direct purchase from the artists themselves, from small publisher book fairs and donations.

They are available on open access for everyone to use in the Library. Academic staff are encouraged to borrow a curated selection to use in AUB studios by liaising with a Subject Librarian or by completing and submitting the below form:

Staff Request to Borrow Artists’ Books.

The Artists' Books Collection can be found in the brightly coloured filing cabinets on the ground floor of the Library. Click here to see the full collection in the Library Catalogue, alternatively use the search box below to find individual titles/artists.

Featured Artists' Books

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What is an Artists' Book?

An artist's book is a form of artistic expression that manifests itself as a 'book'. The term books is used lightly as they can be made of a variety of materials, for example the AUB collection includes items that use textiles, sand and metal; they can also employ traditional binding methods or more experimental forms.

Book art or bookworks are terms used to describe artists' books that have a traditional structure, whilst book objects is used to describe 3D outcomes that merely reference the shape of a book.