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Collections: Visionaire


Visionare, founded in 1991, is a luxury art and fashion publication. As it experiments with formats and combines several different mediums, it has become known as less a traditional magazine showcasing art, fashion and design, and more as a piece of art itself. Published up to three times a year, Visionaire features a different theme and format with each issue.

The collection is closed access. Contact your Subject Librarian to arrange to view items from this collection. 

Highlights from the Visionaire Collection

Visionaire Online

Quotes about Visionaire

"Considered a must-have accessory among the fashion set, Visionaire is a visually seductive, text-free publication that melds fashion and art."

 — Art in America

"A creative playground for leading designers, artists, photographers, and thinkers. It’s a gallery in print. A cabinet of irresistible curiosities. A daring iconoclast dressed to thrill."

— The New Yorker

"Intricate, three-dimension pages, created by big names in fashion and art, leap from the pages with a surprise on every turn."

— Vogue

"The alternative small run publication has often dazzled, always relentlessly focused on changing the way we look at the printed page."

— David Bowie