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Collections: Materials Library

The Materials Library

The AUB Materials Library is a collection of new and innovative product samples including ceramics, plastics, glass, paper, metal, timber and much more.

The purpose of the collection is to inspire and offer ideas in support of creative practice, as well as providing a knowledge of materials, their properties and applications.

As of 5th July the Materials Library is back open for browsing. As with the rest of AUB Library you will still need to socially distance and wear a mask unless you are exempt. We also ask you to sanitise your hands before touching the samples. 

Academic staff can arrange to borrow a curated selection to use in AUB studios by completing and submitting a request form.

Materials Resources

You can browse materials remotely via the AUB Materials Library Software. To use this software remotely you'll need a Username and Password. Click here to access Login details.

The AUB Materials Library Software is a catalogue of materials held in the collection. Each material sample in the Library features a unique QR code that can be scanned into the software. Scanning the QR code opens an information data sheet for the material, including its location within the Materials Library and links to the manufacturer’s website.

Below is a PDF with further guidance on using the Materials Library Software. 

Material ConneXion is a database of physical materials as well as processes. It includes more than 10,000 innovative materials in various categories for architecture, industrial design, interior design, and textiles. 

To access Material ConneXion you must first register for a personal account using this Registration Link and this AUB Registration Key: lbcDI1605803747008. Once registered you can log into your personal account via the link on the MaterialConneXion homepage. You must use your AUB email address to register for a personal account. Users should not register for a personal account via the MaterialConneXion home screen link, as this is for commercial users. 

EduSeries is a suite of tools and resources designed to support university tutors and course leaders in teaching their students about the significant environmental impacts of materials, the commercially-available sustainable material alternatives and emerging innovations. The suite is divided into an introduction and five fibre category modules. Each module is comprised of a video and audio PowerPoint recorded fibre specific lecture and a two-page summary handout of key points, facts and highlights and useful links for further learning. There are also supporting resources including Key Globally Recognised Certifications Matrices, a Glossary Book of Definitions and a Materials Resource Sourcing Directory.

Research & Practice Resources

Architonic Materials, interior details and products. 
Material District Innovative materials and solutions across architecture, interiors, textiles, urban, product, print and sign.
Stylepark Product selector and magazine for interior design and architecture.
Transmaterial Searchable database specialising in hi-tech materials and textiles for design.

Resources Librarian

Recently added Samples