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Collections: Materials Library

The Materials Library

The AUB Materials Library is a collection of new and innovative product samples including ceramics, plastics, glass, paper, metal, timber and much more.

The purpose of the collection is to inspire and offer ideas in support of creative practice, as well as providing a knowledge of materials, their properties and applications.

As a result of service changes we cannot currently permit physical access to the Materials Library. As with many other services at the moment we will be regularly reviewing what we offer and we will keep you up to date on this page.

How to use the Materials Library

Samples in the AUB Materials Library are organised by typology, i.e. Ceramic, Concrete, Glass etc. These material typologies are spaced across the bays and split in horizontal blocks. Each drawer, unit or tin is labeled with an alpha-numeric label and a typology label, i.e. D1.1 - Metal. You can browse materials remotely via the AUB Materials Library Software. To use the Materials Library Software remotely you'll need a Username and Password. Click here to access Login details.

The AUB Materials Library Software is the catalogue of materials held in the collection. Each material sample in the Library features a unique QR code that can be scanned into the software. Scanning the QR code opens an information data sheet for the material, including its location within the Materials Library and links to the manufacturer’s website.

Below is a PDF with further guidance on using the Materials Library Software. 

Further Help

If you need advice or assistance using the AUB Materials Library or software please contact the Resources Librarian

Resources Librarian

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