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Teaching Support: Information Literacy Support

Information Literacy Support

Information literacy is defined as knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it. It is an essential skill for researchers at any level. Good information literacy and library skills help students meet assessment criteria, understand academic sources and develop as learners and critical thinkers.  

An important part of Subject Librarians' role is to help our students develop their information literacy skills as they progress through their course. This is done through a combination of online support, one-to-one help and specialist Library teaching sessions.

Information Literacy Teaching

The Library works with teaching staff to support the information literacy needs of their students by providing integrated and embedded information literacy instruction. These sessions help our students understand and make use of the information landscape, from books and journals to ephemera and visual material, and find appropriate resources in their subject area. Information literacy principles are relevant to all forms of research, and are as applicable to studio-based projects and visual research for design inspiration as they are to written work.

Subject Librarians can provide subject-specific sessions to assist students at all levels, covering a variety of library and information literacy skills, including:

  • Demonstrating how to search effectively.
  • Finding resources to stimulate and inspire creative practice.
  • Selecting appropriate information resources for projects.
  • Evaluating the quality of the information found.
  • Using information effectively in projects to demonstrate the research that has been undertaken.
  • Correctly referencing quotes and other material in written work.

Teaching may be delivered through lectures, seminars, tutorials and hands-on workshops, depending on the size of the group and the particular information literacy need. Teaching may also be delivered online.

If your students would benefit from further support in this area, contact your Subject Librarian to discuss scheduling a session. 

Student Appointments

Alongside teaching sessions, Subject Librarians are also happy to give help and advice to students on an individual basis, on topics relating to referencing, finding scholarly resources for dissertations or projects, and more.

Students should contact their Subject Librarian directly to book an appointment. Simple questions can also be answered by email without the need for an appointment. 

Subject Guides

In addition to teaching sessions and appointments, we offer student Library support via our Subject Guides. Every subject area at the university has a guide, detailing the range of resources available to them in support of their studies. Browse our Subject Guides here.