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On This Guide

Introduction to support in the Library and how to find books and eBooks.

Scholarly Sources
Information about recommended academic journals and databases.

Dress History Research
Archival databases and more that will help you to research dress history.

Film Research
Primary source material for researching film, including news sources and streamable media.

Theatre Research
Primary source material for researching theatre, including production reviews and costume collections.


Look for the symbols below to find books in the Library on Costume and 
Performance Design


Featured Books

Finding Books & eBooks

Some books are only available as eBooks, so always search Library Search Plus in addition to checking the shelves. eBooks are great because they let you search through the whole book for keywords, copy key quotes, and highlight or add notes against interesting passages as you read. 

eBooks are also available through databases, which you can search separately:

Click here for a list of the best costume-related books available in the Internet Archive.

The Library has access to thousands of books, both in print and online.

To find a book in the Library, first search the Library Catalogue. This will give you an idea about the range of books on a topic, as well as information about where you can find a book on the shelf.

When searching for print books in the Library, the following numbers can be helpful in locating particular subject areas. 

646.09 Fashion History
646.4 Pattern Cutting, Tailoring & Draping
646.4752 Film & Theatre Costume
646.72 Beauty, Cosmetics & Hair
700.904 Performance Art
791.3 Circuses & Clowning
791.43 Film & Cinema
791.43025 Film Sets & Design
791.45 Television
791.5 Puppets
792 Theatre
792.025 Theatre Set Design / Scenography
792.027 Theatrical Make-up
792.8 Ballet & Modern Dance
793.3 Popular Dance & Mime
822 Playtexts

What Does Your Subject Librarian Do?

Your Subject Librarian can help with:

Conducting research and finding high-quality sources

Using information resources and search tools effectively

Referencing, from in-text citations to your bibliography