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Fine Art: Journals & Magazines

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Journals & Magazines

There are two important types of journal or magazine: academic journals and professional magazines. The Library provides access to many titles of both types, in print and online.

Academic Journals
  • Research articles by academics.
  • Peer-reviewed for originality and contribution.
  • Contain references to sources used.
Professional Magazines
  • Focus on professional issues or practice.
  • May contain critiques or theory. 
  • Good for exhibition reviews and artist interviews.

Featured Journals for Fine Art

Finding Online Articles

The recommended journals above are just a selection of the many journal publications you can access. Search the Full Text Finder to find more individual journal titles.

To start searching generally for articles on a topic, use Search Plus, which will search across most of the Library's eJournals, eBooks and journal search tools all in a single search:

Search Plus

Journal Search Tools

Search tools for finding articles also come in two main types: Full Text or Abstract/Citation Indexes. The Library provides access to both types covering academic journals and professional magazines.

Full Text

Full Text search tools allow you to locate and read the full articles online with some also providing a read-aloud option.

Abstract/Citation Indexes

Abstract or citation indexes will only provide you with details of the volume and issue of the journal in which it was published making it easier to source the full article.