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Image & Film Research

Images and video appear easy to find and access, with huge amounts available through online platforms such as YouTube or Pinterest. Using media sourced from platforms like these remains complicated and centres around questions of transparency, trust and context. 

Curated collections, such as the Library's DVD collection or the online streaming service Kanopy, offer more certainty around questions of production, as well as better security of access. Box of Broadcasts content is selected by its users based in UK universities and comes from trusted mainstream producers.

Featured Video

Bary Avrich's documentary lifts the curtain on the provocative contemporary art scene, a glamorous and cutthroat game of genius versus commerce. Go behind the scenes to discover how art is created, exhibited, and sold around the globe.

Featuring artists such as Julian Schnabel and Marina Abramovic, experts from prominent museums like MoMA and art fairs like Art Basel, insiders at Sotheby's and Christie's, and leading gallerists.

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Tate Channel - YouTube

Interviews with artists, exhibition walkthroughs, live performance art.

Louisiana Channel - Youtube

From Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with videos about visual art and the importance of art to society.


Artist run, covering contemporary art exhibitions and artists.