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Finding Print Books

Look for the symbols below to find books in the Library on Film & Animation



Film books start at 791.43 on the first floor of the Library.
Animation starts at 791.434
Computer games can be found at 006.648

If you want to know more about the numbering system, check the Finding Print Books tab in the Searching Books & eBooks box.

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Searching Books & eBooks

To find print books use the search bar to the right,
to help you locate them refer to the 
Finding Print Books tab above.


Some books are only available as eBooks. To find eBooks, search the collections below or use Library Search Plus.

When searching for print books in the Library, the following numbers can be helpful in locating particular subject areas. 

006.648 Computer Games 791.43409 History of Animation
741 Drawing 791.434094 European Animation
741.2 Drawing Techniques 791.4340951 China Animation
791.4302 Visual Effects (Film) 791.4340952 Japan Animation
791.43402 Environmental Effects 791.4340973 Hollywood Animation
791.434022 Stop motion 791.4342 Animation screenwriting
791.434023 Animation Production 791.434601 Experimental Animation
791.434024 Sound in Animation 791.434652 Gender and Sexuality in Animation
791.434025 Design in Animation 791.434655 Documentary Animation
791.434026 Character/creature design 791.43472 Individual animation films
791.434028 Performance in animation 791.4372 Individual feature films
791.43404 Storyboard & Layout 791.53 Puppets
791.434068 Producing Animation
791.434079 Animation Awards/Festivals

All book spines are labelled with a decimal number corresponding to a particular subject. The numbers increase gradually when moving from book to book from left to right along each shelf.

The number is followed by 3 letters, usually corresponding to the first three letters within the authors surname (791.4301 MUL for Laura Mulvey). The three letters within the 791.437 section correspond to the film title. (791.437 GUA for Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Using information resources and search tools effectively

Referencing, from in-text citations to your bibliography